Only when we begin doing things in new ways with more awareness - are we able to discover new insights

My conversation-based, action-oriented coaching style guides you to true heart & mind alignment. You will be able to pause and find a more balanced state – from which you will be able to create your personal or professional intentions.

My role is to facilitate this process through an interactive and collaborative coaching relationship, so that the journey is as fruitful as the outcomes.

These engaging sessions and conversations will provoke self reflection and inward attention, leading you to embark on forward propelling actions in your life. Together we will make the implicit explicit!


Bring more harmony into your life.

I work with clients on

What to expect

Its kind of like taking a deep dive into the ocean, looking around, taking stock and auditing what we see.

The quiet and heightened awareness underwater is illuminating; and when we submerge into that space we can find clarity and be intentional as we look ahead.

You can expect intentionally guided conversations that help you better understand your current blocks and priorities. In these sessions you will also get to know yourself better!

It is a collaborative process that is built upon our coaching partnership.

Coaching isn't a one time thing, I am here, in the waters with you, along this journey!

Strategic Business Mentoring

Maintenance is as important as growth.

I work with clients on

What to expect

I will listen, take stock, support and reflect. Building on my years as a Founder and entrepreneur, I will bring to the table tangible and tactical insights on how to move forward with your business. As you share your current challenges and opportunities, I will share my expertise and reflections to guide you in your critical daily decision making. My network and resources will also enrich the experience and we can tap into these pools when necessary.

Building my business from the ground up taught me everything I need to know about what it takes to run a successful company. But it was my role as a people leader and mother that equipped me with the insight needed to level up in my own life and now – to guide you to take off in yours as your dedicated coach.

Starting and running a business solo can be challenging and lonely, lean on my experience and expertise!

Mindfulness Meditation

Workshops & Retreats

Embodiment and getting in touch with the wisdom anchored in our hearts and bodies is vital to our overall wellbeing.

What to expect

Customized retreats and workshops that allow you to disconnect from your regular rhythms and let go of the everyday grind. In these spaces you are encouraged to reconnect with yourself, and others around you.  

Explore all your senses at a slower pace through intentional conversation, connection, silence, music, meditation, visualization, and food. The activities during the various retreats will equip you, and your teams, with new ways and tools to access your inner knowing. These sessions foster more balance, improved communication, and higher well-being.  You will leave with new rituals and practices that you can immediately integrate into your daily routines – at home or at the office!

*Venues selected and confirmed depending on group and theme (typically secluded and intimate to support prime connection and relaxing)

In group retreats and workshops we take time to connect with self and others, as we build meaningful visions together and set realistic goals for the coming months.

What’s included

Being fully present for others makes me more present for myself.

I'm here to help you move into alignment with your values, re-connect to your purpose and live your life with mindful intention.